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The Bangladesh Project's 2017 debut at "In The Pocket Live" at the new Social 15 Club:
PolitiRaps Ep. 3: on School Funding
March 18, 2017
February 27, 2017
The 2017 debut of #ITPLive Saturday, March 18th brought a FULL night #TBPsoundclash! The Bangladesh Project released some of their greatest songs of 2016 as well as a preview from upcoming projects. Open mic was on deck!  All in their spectacular NEW location, The Social 15. Come see what  #thebiggestlittleshowinthegalaxy is made of. Guaranteed good times!!
On the third episode of PolitiRaps, a series which features emcees addressing social and political topics in cypher, host Taj Thomas discusses the problem of school funding for inner city communities as Baltimore braces itself for the possible loss of hundreds of teachers due to budget shortfalls. Our guests this episode are emcees Flo’Jo and Tahmar. Providing the backdrop is Baltimore’s own Bangladesh Project.

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Anonamas and Bangla make an appearance on Baltimore Flava Radio:
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March 1, 2017
Anonamas and Bangla were invited to Baltimore Flava Radio on 2-22-17.
They gave some details of a project in the works for a tribute to A Tribe Called Quest and also talked about the In the Pocket show, a live band open mic hosted every 3rd Saturday of the month at Social 15.

[(left to right) - Anonamas, Vernea Ware, Antwon Grant, Jay Mc Graw and Bangla]
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